A New Beginning

19 Sep 2015 . Technology . Comments

#software #mentorship

As this is my first post, I will seek to provide deeper insight into who I am and my intentions behind codecounselor.org.

At the start of my career many years ago I was an eager, and very green, developer right out of college with a Computer Science degree and a few internships under my belt. So much of my early growth occurred by reading books, discussion groups, articles, and working with code from much better programmers than myself. I continue to value all of those things even now, in addition to the great resources we have in terms of conference videos, tutorials, and free online courses.

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of great mentors throughout my life, both professionally and personally. A few years ago it dawned on me that my greatest accomplishment might not be some technological achievement, but rather the lives I’m able to impact through a series of insignificant daily interactions.

That realization along with an ongoing habit of mentorship has given me a sense of purpose, direction, and satisfaction in the work I do delivering remarkable software products.

But why the title ‘A New Beginning’? Well, for the last 10+ years I’ve worked for large corporations. I am someone who believes in giving your best to everything you do, and because of that it was not uncommon to find me tinkering or improving things late into the night and over weekends. Fulfillment came from the work itself, and the sense of accomplishment in solving the problem I set out to address. I made a concerted effort to ‘give back’ to the organization. For me ‘the organization’ was nothing more than the full set of individuals I was able to impact.

As I leave one organization to join another, I am taking the opportunity to expand my audience from a sole organization to the worldwide IT community at large. This new beginning is one where I will emerge from the confines of a single employer, and into a global community of talented technologists to whom I can both give and receive.

Code Counselor is crafted after the observation and belief that most of the software systems that are in use today would benefit from varying levels of ‘counseling’. A future post will detail this further.

In the posts that follow hopefully you will see that I am an analytical thinker that isn’t afraid to express my own opinions; often times ones that break the status quo.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the journey ahead.